Monster High Skullette 3 Cutter Set

  • $ 13.00

  • Handmade
  • 3D Printed with ABS
  • Dishwasher safe
Colors subject to availability. "Girly" colors are always used unless requested otherwise.
I've had so many people ordering all 3 of my Monster High Skullette cookie cutters together that I finally decided to make a set to make it easier for you all!

3 Different sizes for different uses. The smallest one is also 'shorter' and the indent is closer to the edge, so you can use thinner rolled fondant (or cookie dough, or whatever) for that one without having to worry about getting the dough thick enough for the indents to reach.


Plastic cookie cutter ideal for cookie-cutter-compatible dough recipes (sugar cookies, ginger bread, etc. Great recipes available in the Recipes and Tutorials section!)


Cutters can be used on other things, (i.e. Playdough).  See the FAQ for more details!