Design Reprint

  • $ 7.00


Hello, this is the shop item that you use if you're looking to order reprints of custom designs, or discontinued cutters!


If you know about a custom cutter that someone else has had made in the past and want a print of it as well, or you ordered a custom design in the past and just want more prints, I sell reprints for $7 each.  

(With custom designs, I'll only sell reprints when the original requester has OK'd resale, so no custom company logos or personal dealies without their permission.)


Also, if you are looking for an item you know I used to sell, but can't find it on the store anymore, you can order reprints of it here.  If you're wanting more than one, just increase the quantity of this item to however many cutters you're wanting printed.  No matter the design, each cutter is $7.  

Just make sure when you're checking out, you expand the 'Add a note' box and list out exactly what it was you were hoping to get!



Plastic cookie cutter ideal for cookie-cutter-compatible dough recipes (sugar cookies, ginger bread, etc. Great recipes available in the Recipes and Tutorials section!)