Hey!  So you managed to stumble across this little page, huh?  Well, okay, since it's here by default, I guess I'd may as well fill it with something.

So who are we?  We are a husband and wife co-owned LLC, operated primarily by the wife - Athey (Hi, that's me!) as a home-based business.

Once upon a time I was a professional 3D artist, but then I had kids, and opted to try doing the stay-at-home thing, while still attempting to generate some sort of income.

We already owned a 3D printer, just because they're cool, and why not? and that was my first go-to for making things.  One thing led to another and now I own 12 3D printers, and an industrial laser cutter!  How crazy is that?

So I make things, and I make things that I like.  And I like geeky things, therefore, I tend to make lots of geeky things.

If I think I'd go 'Ooo! Neat!  I want one!' towards any idea my husband and I come up with, then I figure there's probably other people out there that would feel the same way, and it's worth a shot.

I'm based in Bend, Oregon, but since I do this out of my house, it's a mail-only venture.  (Sorry, no pick-ups to avoid shipping fees.  This is my home and my kids are here, so I'm not posting the address.)

If you do happen to be local, and really really really want to arrange some sort of pick-up, we could use Barb or Steph from Wabi Sabi as a middle-man.  Stephanie, who works for Barb, is a good buddy - she also has a 3D printer and sells some of her home-made stuff out of Barb's store, so go check them out sometime if you're local.