January 24, 2015

Turn-Around Update Jan 22nd

Woo, I'm making some headway!  I'm currently about 5-7 days out from order to post.  

And this is despite the fact that I'm currently down 4 of my 3D printers.  I've got two 3D Printers with blown boards, one with a bad power cable for the x-axis stepper motor, and no cable to replace it with, (on order... from china), one of them has some sort of super-inexplicable problem with the thermocouples.  I've replaced the thermocouple cables three times and it still goes bad within days, so obviously it's not the cables.  Best I can figure is that there's a weak solder joint on the board, so I've got to troubleshoot that, and I've got another one where the heated built platform is being all jiggy and weird.

In any case - woo.  Fun wading through the eternal world of mechanical failure.

Still have 6 working printers, and as long as I keep on top of things, I should keep closing in on the backlog.

January 07, 2015

Turn-Around time as of January 6th

Turn-around time is sitting at 3 weeks right now, but orders have slowed a lot in the last two weeks, so I think that the gap will shrink fairly quickly.  The oldest open orders I've got are from 18 days ago, but I'm crunching to plow through them.  Once I'm about caught up, I'll post and update all of the notices on the shopping cart and turn-around page, to let people know that time-sensitive orders are okay again.

December 16, 2014

Turn-Around Time as of Dec 16th

Turn-around time is sitting around 2 weeks right now.

Still too late for xmas at this point, so please be aware of that before placing an order!


Also - for anyone who messages me asking about not getting a confirmation email - you really should get one.  Automatically.  It's not something I even really control, other than having the ability to tell it to send another one, manually.  So if you didn't get a confirmation email of your order, it was either caught in a spam filter, or you entered the wrong email address.

December 07, 2014

Turn-Around Time Update

Not too much to add right now, as the backlog is still sitting around 3 weeks for turn-around.  What this means is that it's ALREADY TOO LATE FOR CHRISTMAS.

If you haven't ordered already, you won't be getting the cutters in time for Christmas.

For those asking, I got a big batch done over the weekend and I'm packaging as many as I can tonight to go out tomorrow.  They include orders 3182 - 3248 with a few scattered in towards the end that aren't done yet, but will be by tomorrow.


Also, anyone who ordered a clock!

I got a big rush of clock orders, which is fairly rare, but I shouldn't be surprised since people don't usually splurge on things like that unless it's for a special occasion... like christmas.  In any case, I RAN OUT OF SUPPLIES!  Ack!   Yes, I ran out of clock movements and hands, so I'm waiting for a new shipment to come in to finish up the clocks I've got ready for them, right now.  And I'm laser cutting some more zelda clocks right now.  I've got 4 more zelda clocks to cut, and three chrono clocks to cut.  They should be done by next weekend, and then I can get them shipped out.

November 11, 2014

Turn-Around Time as of November

Hey all!!  I just wanted to throw out a big warning.  Turn-around time is currently sitting around 3 weeks.


There are a couple etsy resellers that have come to the conclusion that I'm an ideal producer for their redistribution business, where they buy $6 cutters from me and resell them for $14.  They've also realized that November and December are huge demand months and as a result, have each placed multi-thousand dollar orders from me in the last two weeks.


I'm hardly in a position to turn down an offer from someone who wants to throw more than a thousand dollars at me, even though I think what they're doing is unethical and a considerable inconvenience to me and to the customers who have found me directly, rather than have the misfortune of going through a money-grubbing reseller on etsy.  

What this means, however, is that I'm spending an entire week filling ONE PERSON'S ORDER, which is drastically pushing back the turn-around time for everyone's order after them.


I'm very sorry, but until I fill these two monumental orders, and get caught up on the normal orders that follow them, there's a significant delay in the turn-around time.


If you are placing a time-sensitive order, I'm sorry, but I probably cannot accommodate you right now.  Make sure to leave a message in the notes section of the cart check-out page, listing any specific dates you need your item delivered by.  


I will always try to get them to you on time, but as always, I cannot make any guarantees on delivery time.

October 09, 2014

Bigger Delays

I've had a significant spike in orders over the last week.  And it's not like I've had an increase of small orders, where everyone gets a couple or few cutters.  I'm talking increase of BIG orders.  So consider this notice that the delay has just grown by a few days.  I'd estimate 7-9 Day Turnaround right now on orders.


Please take this into consideration when placing time-sensitive orders.

Remember that if you need your cutter by a specific date, you NEED to say so in the comment/note section of the shopping cart page right before clicking the Proceed to Checkout button.

If you send me a message separately, that request won't be visible in my system while I'm going down the list of things to print, and I won't catch it.


Also, I'm afraid I simply cannot make any guarantees on rush requests.  Please be aware of them when placing time sensitive orders.

September 13, 2014

Turn-Around Time as of Sept 13

Turn-around time is production time - the time it takes from me getting your order, to it being shipped out.  This does not include the time it takes to ship the item.


The turn-around time as of Saturday Sept 13th:

Normal orders (less than 10 cutters): 4-9days

Bulk Orders (More than 11 cutters): 2+ weeks depending on quantitiy


Remember!  If you need your items by a specific date (even if you think you're ordering it with plenty of buffer) that you should include a note with your order, stating that date.  If I feel I'm falling behind (usually due to someone placing an unexpected bulk order) then I'll prioritize any orders that are needed by a specific date.


Thank you for your patience.