February 14, 2016

Shop on Pause

I've got to go out of town in a week, so I've put the shop on pause.  I'm gonna work on getting all of the current orders out so that there's nothing waiting for while I'm gone.  When I come back in town, I'll turn the shop back on and get things rolling again.

January 28, 2016

Turn-Around for Feb

Turn-around is closer to 10-15 days right now, primarily due to other responsibilities eating up more time than they used to.

If you need your order for a specific date, please say so in the Notes of the checkout page.  I'll make an effort to bump up any time-sensitive orders.

December 05, 2015

It's Christmas Delay Season!

Well, it's December and everyone and their dog realizes at the same time that Cookie Cutters sound like an awesome idea.

I'm getting about 5-times the normal volume of orders right now, and the backlog is building quickly.

I'm working mad hours but things are still falling behind.  The turn-around time is about 2-weeks right now.  Please keep that in mind if you're ordering for a xmas gift or for cookies you hope to make for the holidays.

Also remember that International delivery times are totally unpredictable this time of year!  If you live out of the US, it's already past the point where you're gambling as to whether or not your order will get to you in time.

I'll keep cramming away at things and try my best to get as much done as quickly as possible.

September 08, 2015

It's September!

It's September, which is just crazy.  This summer flew by so fast.

I spent the last week of August and first few days of September out of state to attend the PAX Prime convention in Seattle, so of course, everything fell behind due to that.  

I've been playing catch-up but the turn-around time is still around 6-9 days.

Remember, that means that the order will be shipped within 6-9 days after it's been ordered.  Shipping time starts AFTER it's been shipped.  (So you should get your package 11-16 days after you place your order.)

If you need your order upgraded to Priority shipping, please make sure to say so in the Notes field of the shopping cart checkout page.

If there is no note, I send all domestic packages First Class (Unless they weigh more than 13oz, in which case, the shipping is bumped up to Priority anyway).

First Class takes about 5 days after it's been shipped, to arrive.

International shipping times vary depending on what country you're in.

July 14, 2015

July Turn-Around Time

Things were a bit slow at the start of July thanks to having family visiting from out of state, but things are back on track now and you can expect a 5-9 day turn-around on items being shipped out.

I want to emphasize again that this Turn-Around time is how long it takes BEFORE IT'S SHIPPED.


The Items will not be shipped until 5-9 days have passed since being ordered.  

This time does not include the shipping time.

Shipping usually takes 5-6 days on it's own unless the order is large enough to require a higher weight class, in which case it gets shipped Priority.

April 30, 2015

Turn-Around Time - April - May

I haven't been updating this enough!  So here's an update.  Turn-around is about 5-7 days right now.  So 5-7 days after your order is placed, I get it packaged and shipped out.

Orders for Clocks and other Lasercut items is still a 1-2 weeks turn around since they are quite a bit more involved to produce.

February 16, 2015

February Update

Turn-around is still sitting at about 5 days for regular orders, although depending on what day of the week the order is placed, and if it's an especially simple order, it can be quicker than that.

Be aware that ordering laser-cut products is on a different time schedule, and clocks specifically, have a 1-2 week turn-around, because they're made on demand.

January 24, 2015

Turn-Around Update Jan 22nd

Woo, I'm making some headway!  I'm currently about 5-7 days out from order to post.  

And this is despite the fact that I'm currently down 4 of my 3D printers.  I've got two 3D Printers with blown boards, one with a bad power cable for the x-axis stepper motor, and no cable to replace it with, (on order... from china), one of them has some sort of super-inexplicable problem with the thermocouples.  I've replaced the thermocouple cables three times and it still goes bad within days, so obviously it's not the cables.  Best I can figure is that there's a weak solder joint on the board, so I've got to troubleshoot that, and I've got another one where the heated built platform is being all jiggy and weird.

In any case - woo.  Fun wading through the eternal world of mechanical failure.

Still have 6 working printers, and as long as I keep on top of things, I should keep closing in on the backlog.

January 07, 2015

Turn-Around time as of January 6th

Turn-around time is sitting at 3 weeks right now, but orders have slowed a lot in the last two weeks, so I think that the gap will shrink fairly quickly.  The oldest open orders I've got are from 18 days ago, but I'm crunching to plow through them.  Once I'm about caught up, I'll post and update all of the notices on the shopping cart and turn-around page, to let people know that time-sensitive orders are okay again.

December 16, 2014

Turn-Around Time as of Dec 16th

Turn-around time is sitting around 2 weeks right now.

Still too late for xmas at this point, so please be aware of that before placing an order!


Also - for anyone who messages me asking about not getting a confirmation email - you really should get one.  Automatically.  It's not something I even really control, other than having the ability to tell it to send another one, manually.  So if you didn't get a confirmation email of your order, it was either caught in a spam filter, or you entered the wrong email address.