Times are Crazy, but I'm Still Here

Posted by Athey Moravetz on

So, I know it's been a while since I posted an update on the turn-around time and/or a blog post.  

Turn-around is pretty much the same as ever, as very little has changed for me.  I've always worked from home, and I'm still stocked on my supplies, so being sequestered in my house has changed little.

Turn-Around is still 1-2 weeks... mostly because now I'm trying to get work accomplished at the same time as my kids are both home and now I'm having to wade through 'Internet School' and making sure my son actually does something other than watch YouTube all day.

Anyway, I'm still getting orders, so I'll keep making and shipping things out.

Stay healthy people, and stay home.  


Make some cookies.  It's good for ya. ;)


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