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Posted by Athey Moravetz on

Hey all - posting another update on turn-around time.  It's still sitting around 10-days right now, though the slow turn-around now is for the opposite reason from the holiday season. 

Coming up on Christmas keeping up with the huge number of orders put me behind schedule.  Now turn-around is slow because of the extreme lack of orders.  (I usually get about one order a day, at most). 

What that means is that this is my 'evening and weekends' job, while my day-job brings in the actual income.  So my time for printing, prepping, packaging and shipping is delegated to the times when I'm not working or looking after my kids.

Remember, if you're on a tight schedule, make sure to leave a note because I can try to make sure I get to the order faster if I know you need it by a certain date.

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