It's that holiday time of year again!

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So it's that time of year again where everyone suddenly realizes that making cookies for holiday events is awesome, so all at once, everyone starts ordering from me.
What this actually results in is BACKLOGS!  Ack!  Oh noes!
I especially feel bad about it since people are placing orders in hopes of making things for holiday events, and if I don't get them out in time, then the order might go to waste.  No one wants that. 
But it doesn't change the fact that I only have so many printers and so many hours in the day.  So what's the best way to guarantee you'll have your cookie cutters so you can make cookies for thanksgiving, christmas, hanukah, festivus, yule, saturnalia, kwanza or what-have-you?  Well the best way is to order them EARLY!
Seriously.  Right now the turn-around time is sitting around 7-10 days, and it's only mid November.  It will only get worse and more and more people start ordering all at the same time.
The past few years, by the time x-mas rolled around, the turn-around was 2-3 weeks - it got that bad.
So keep that in mind!
Order early and you'll guarantee getting your things in time.  And remember, if you do order some of the lasercut stuff, like clocks, chests, etc. - that stuff takes even longer to make and I'm getting a TON of those orders right now on Etsy, so I'm actually super backlogged with those too.

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