Holiday season is upon us - Shipping Time Expectations

Posted by Athey Moravetz on

This is officially my busiest time of year.  I make as much business during November and December to dwarf half of the rest of the year.  

That means my order volume gets crazy, and the time it takes to produce everything and get it shipped out gets much much longer.

Just keep in mind that if you want something for Christmas, you're better off ordering it NOW and not later.

Nothing ordered after December 5th is going to get to you in time for Christmas.  Anything ordered after Thanksgiving is still pushing it and still may not make it in time, depending on how busy I end up getting.

I do my best, but I am but one person with four functioning 3d printers, and I cannot work miracles, so please keep all of this in mind if you're ordering for the upcoming holidays.

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