Turn-Around Time Update

Posted by Athey Moravetz on

Not too much to add right now, as the backlog is still sitting around 3 weeks for turn-around.  What this means is that it's ALREADY TOO LATE FOR CHRISTMAS.

If you haven't ordered already, you won't be getting the cutters in time for Christmas.

For those asking, I got a big batch done over the weekend and I'm packaging as many as I can tonight to go out tomorrow.  They include orders 3182 - 3248 with a few scattered in towards the end that aren't done yet, but will be by tomorrow.


Also, anyone who ordered a clock!

I got a big rush of clock orders, which is fairly rare, but I shouldn't be surprised since people don't usually splurge on things like that unless it's for a special occasion... like christmas.  In any case, I RAN OUT OF SUPPLIES!  Ack!   Yes, I ran out of clock movements and hands, so I'm waiting for a new shipment to come in to finish up the clocks I've got ready for them, right now.  And I'm laser cutting some more zelda clocks right now.  I've got 4 more zelda clocks to cut, and three chrono clocks to cut.  They should be done by next weekend, and then I can get them shipped out.

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