November 11, 2014

Turn-Around Time as of November

Hey all!!  I just wanted to throw out a big warning.  Turn-around time is currently sitting around 3 weeks.


There are a couple etsy resellers that have come to the conclusion that I'm an ideal producer for their redistribution business, where they buy $6 cutters from me and resell them for $14.  They've also realized that November and December are huge demand months and as a result, have each placed multi-thousand dollar orders from me in the last two weeks.


I'm hardly in a position to turn down an offer from someone who wants to throw more than a thousand dollars at me, even though I think what they're doing is unethical and a considerable inconvenience to me and to the customers who have found me directly, rather than have the misfortune of going through a money-grubbing reseller on etsy.  

What this means, however, is that I'm spending an entire week filling ONE PERSON'S ORDER, which is drastically pushing back the turn-around time for everyone's order after them.


I'm very sorry, but until I fill these two monumental orders, and get caught up on the normal orders that follow them, there's a significant delay in the turn-around time.


If you are placing a time-sensitive order, I'm sorry, but I probably cannot accommodate you right now.  Make sure to leave a message in the notes section of the cart check-out page, listing any specific dates you need your item delivered by.  


I will always try to get them to you on time, but as always, I cannot make any guarantees on delivery time.

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