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Hey all - It's summer, school is out, the kids are home, and the 4th of July is now over so family is no longer in-town.

Things have been hectic lately, so lots of stuff fell behind schedule and I apologize for that.  Turn-around is currently around 6-10 days after the order is placed.  If you need your order for a specific event before that, make sure to leave a note when the order is placed and I'll make an effort to get yours out in time.

The old messaging system that I had setup expired and is broken, so I'm looking into getting a new one set up.  Sorry for anyone whose tried to get a hold of me lately during the transition.  

The whole cookie cutter thing has died down a lot in the last year, and as a result of getting fewer and fewer orders, I've put more and more of my focus into the woodworking side of my business and it tends to demand a great deal more of my attention as a result.  It's been picking up, which is the biggest reason that the 3D printed objects have fallen behind.

I've got a youtube channel up featuring some of the laser cutting wordworking stuff I get up to for anyone curious -  

Warpzone and Gamevetz Youtube Channel

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