July 04, 2014

Working on a desk-sized Moment Prop

I've been working on this project over the last week, off-and-on, and I'm really enthused about it.  Today is the 4th of July and we've got house guests, so I haven't been able to do much with this little guy the last couple days, but I'm going to be resuming work on the finishing process tomorrow, so I'll be back with more pictures then!


This is a 5.5in square cube cut and etched with my laser cutter, and then stained, blued, and I've started finishing it (I've got 2 coats of poly on it right now, but I plan to go to 4 or 5 coats before it's done.)


And it's the Moment!  The Gallifreyan weapon of mass destruction that gained consciousness and can judge you for considering using it.  :P

The Weapon that destroyed the Time Lord race (or did it?) and ended the Time War!  




Testing out to make sure the inner bits would fit properly inside the outer bits, and trying to get a feel for how it would look.


Assembled the inner cube to make sure all the pieces fit properly - took some fiddling to get it right.


Just some shots of the different sides.  All 6 sides of the inner cube are unique, and accurate to the movie prop.


Nothing is glued together yet at this point - just notched into position so I can look at it.  hah.


I sanded the outer edges of the border cube, so they wouldn't contrast quite so much with the rest of the wood.


Now it's been glued together and stained!  I decided to do the inner cube and outer cubes separate up through the 2nd coat of poly.

Since the smaller cube has to go inside the larger cube, I did the staining and poly with two of the sides still off.  Once I've got the first two poly coats done, I'll slide the inner cube inside and glue those two sides into place.  Then apply another poly coat over the whole thing together.  This way I can sand the inner cube properly for the first two coats, which are the most important for a really smooth, glossy finish.

 Not done yet here (not glued and still only the first two coats of poly).  I just slid it all together for another peak and to make sure the poly on the inner cube wasn't making it too thick/snug to fit inside the outer cube (still fine).

I'll update with more when I get a bit more work done on it!  Woo.



Some Metry Guy said:

Really beautiful. I might like one of those if your laser cutter can make another…

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