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Hey all - I got an integrated Amazon dealie setup with the site now, with my favorite must-have baking accessories.  If you want to do any cookie/cake/fondant decorating anything, these are all totally must-have items (I own everything I've stuck in there, so it's basically my personal recommended products page.)


It can be found here

In other news, I've finished my first tutorial video and got it up on Youtube.  I've got plans to make several more.  I actually had three more in-progress before I realized that the files on the camera got corrupted about half way through the whole process, so all the work had to be scrapped.  *sad face*


But anyway - the first tutorial (the one thats up) goes over making the sugar cookie recipe that I include with all my shipments.  After this one, I intend to do one on cake-pops in various shapes (lumpy space princess!), and then another tutorial that goes over how to make the packaged 'Sugar Cookie' bags/boxes from the grocery store, actually work with cookie cutters.  Hopefully I'll be getting those done soon.  Until then, enjoy the one I do have finished!


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