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Posted by Athey Moravetz on

Yay!  It's the launch of our new website!!

I'm very excited about this new move - not just because it's 'New' but also because it's definitely Better.  So what's different, other than it looking different?  


Well, for one thing, we can now accept Paypal!!


This is a request I've been getting for a while, and I've had to turn people away because our previous back-end didn't support use of paypal at all.  But the new service that we're using, is totally compatible with it, so we's all set now.  (*although, if you don't absolutely have to use paypal, I'd ask that you not, as they take an extra 3% cut on top of all the other fees.)  But now the option is there for those of you who have no other options!

Our new backend is also integrated with our shipping service, so the tracking numbers are emailed to you automatically, when your order is shipped.  So no more sending me an email, asking for your tracking info.

Another great new feature is that you guys can create an account now, and keep track of your orders, as well as save your shipping info for any future orders.

I've also got product rating integrated, and user-uploaded photos.

If you've made cookies with any of the cutters, you can submit your photos to the site, and once they're approved, you'll automatically receive an email that contains a coupon code for any future cutter purchases!

Other than that, I've got a lot more control over how the pages work and look, and I think that the organization system is a lot better now than before.  It's loads easier to find things now than it was before, so hopefully you all will have less trouble tracking specific designs down.

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  • Is there a way to sort by date added? I like to keep up with your new stuff!

    Sara on

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